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Small Town Starlit
Thursday, 14 April 2005
You're Not Going To Write About This On Your Little Internet Thing, Are You
My goodness...time does fly! I wonder if the weeks from mid-March to May go as quickly for the rest of the world as it does for teachers. It seems like we just had spring break and now we are getting ready for graduation. I'm glad that I don't have any students that I am panicking about. All my kiddos are either right where they should be or beyond.

I have had quite a week. I haven't sat down at the computer one time! So, here goes, a week in review.

I was going to do a day by day here, but it all ran together. It starts off on Thursday, April 7th.

Whoo-hoo! We are off on a camping trip. The plan was actually for Tanya to take her daughter and some of her friends until I invited myself along. 'Lyss ended up having a track meet on Friday and her buddies ended up not being able to go at all. So, that left me and Tanya going down on Thursday afternoon. Tanya's husband would meet us halfway with Alyssa on Friday afternoon. I have the greatest bartender book. My momma got it for me. I had planned to take it along and we were going to buy some ingredients and play around with the recipes, but I forgot my book. Tanya has what could possibly be the best Kindergarten parent! No offense Diva, but just listen to what she did. When we tell her what our plans had been and that I forgot my book she says (in a hushed voice), "I own a liquor store. I'll put some things together for you." We had no clue she owned a liquor store! OH MY GOSH! She came back that afternoon and left a basket in Tanya's camper. It had shot glasses, recipe guides, mixers, and booze. Then, as if that wasn't good enough, she wrapped it all up in cellophane and tied it with some pretty raffia. sweet. So after our workout (hey, it was my weight day..I couldn't skip it) we headed down to Flint Creek. Um, how nice is it to set up a travel trailer instead of a pop up? Let me tell you, it's GREAT! I want a new camper so bad! Anyway we got everything set up and went into town for what is said to be "The Best Fajitas" in Siloam. I would have to agree. They were good. Then it was off to the casino. I didn't win crap. That seems to be an Indian Gaming theme with me. We did see signs that they gave free play on Fridays from 11-1. Guess where we went on Friday morning. You guessed it...the casino. I won! I know, crazy huh. I hit seven out of eight numbers on my favorite Keno game ever, Tsunami. My seventh number was the last ball so my winnings were multiplied by four. I won $20.00 and fuh-reaked out. I was only betting a nickel, so that was a big win for me. After our gambling fiasco we went to meet Mike with Alyssa. That evening we watched Napoleon Dynamite. Is there a funnier movie? I don't think so. I also have to worry about people who don't think it's funny. Do they have no sense of humor? "I think I'll build her a cake." Hilarity, I tell you. "Eat Tina, ya fat lard." I think I'll be quoting for weeks to come. On Saturday morning we needed something to do. We have taken our classes on a field trip to an animal safari and petting zoo that is only about ten miles from where we camp. We decided that we would go to the zoo. We stopped at the store to get bananas. It is very important to drape your car with bananas when you drive through the safari part. The monkeys will sit on the hood and eat them. It is very entertaining, I assure you. The rules clearly state that you must keep all windows up and stay in your vehicle. We threw caution to the wind and drove through the whole thing with the windows down. Correction. One window down. Alyssa did not want her window down. We were in a truck. Tanya was driving, I was in the middle, and Alyssa was in the passenger seat. Tanya had her window down and Alyssa was looking at the animals from a distance. At least she was until Tanya pointed out her window and told her to look. Alyssa had no idea that Tanya had rolled down her window. When Alyssa turned there was a very large emu with it's beak in the window. Alyssa screamed, the emu jumped, Alyssa elbowed my very tasty orange cream slush from Sonic and dumped it all over me. We fed emus, Texas long-horn, elk, antelope, deer, but no monkeys. There were no monkeys. When we got to the petting zoo part they told us that the kangaroo and goat cages were closed because it was mating season. I hated that because I totally dig the kangaroos. Last year I made my group of kids spend way more time in the kangaroo cage then they wanted to. This is the coolest place because you can get in the pens with the animals. I've gotten to hold baby monkeys and bears before. We finally found all the monkeys in a barn. I guess they hadn't put them in their outdoor cages yet. They barn had a narrow aisle to walk down. On both sides there was a fence and then about two feet back from that were the monkey cages. Every time I have been at this zoo the young chimp is spankin' his own little monkey. This, I am happy to report, was the first time that I have seen him doing something else! People were throwing food to him and the old man chimp that speaks sign language (I know, this place just keeps getting better and better, right!)but the food would bounce off the cage and land out of reach. The young chimp would grab as much as he could by sticking his fingers out of the cage, and then he would use a stick to "fish" for the rest. How smart! Well, here we are "animal do-gooders" and all and we are hating the fact that even with his stick he couldn't reach all of the yummy treats. So off we go to find him a longer stick. We couldn't find one anywhere. Alyssa found an aluminum rod. It was about 12 feet long. I maneuvered it down the narrow aisle and used it to push food closer to the chimps. He made kissing noises at me. I made them back. He started spankin' it. NO! I'm kidding! How gross would that have been! We stood there a little longer and watched people throw food. The food kept bouncing off the cage and out of reach. Tanya went back outside, got the rod, and started pushing the apples, celery, and carrots closer. When the young, very strong, chimp reached for an apple, Tanya was feeling very good about helping him out. The only problem was that he didn't reach for the apple. He grabbed the rod! Now, Alyssa and I found this quite funny. We were practically doubled over laughing. Tanya did not see the humor. She held onto that rod for dear life! That chimp pulled her to the ground and up against the fence. All the while she's shouting for help. Did the people walking through help her? No, they just walked on by. Did her daughter and best friend help? No, we were too busy laughing. Well, Alyssa finally figured out she better help. When I saw Alyssa get pulled to the ground, big strong as an ox Alyssa, I knew that I should quit laughing. We finally got the rod back. If the chimp would have gotten it he could have definitely hurt the other chimp, but it was long enough that he could have hurt people walking through too. I played tug-of-war with a strapping young male chimp. Seriously, I only know of two other people that can make that claim. We left after that. As we were walking to the truck, Tanya said, "You're not going to write about this on your little internet thing, are you." Uh, heck yeah! We hung out for awhile on Sunday and then came home.

Nothing exciting has happened this week at school, it's just been hectic. We are getting ready for graduation. I plan the program and do all of the invitations and programs. Next week I need to put together our video presentation.

I hope that you are having a good week. Later...

Posted by okddaylittlec at 7:29 PM CDT
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Friday, 15 April 2005 - 2:44 PM CDT

Name: Bradys mom

Hey Courtney----Can I have some of your tots? :)
Yes, I saw Napoleon too! I think I need to watch it again.
It was really funny in a strange sort of way.
Sounds like you all had a good camping trip. I just can't wait until school is out for the semester.

Saturday, 16 April 2005 - 10:35 AM CDT

Name: Diva

Hey Shannon - get your own tots! I didn't get to eat anything today and I'm frickin' STARving! Gaw!

Napoleon rocks.

Courtney, even though I had heard the monkey pole story, I still read every sentence laughing out loud the entire time. Oh to have been there. I think pictures of Tanya in the Kindergarten video playing tug of war with the monkey would've been nice, eh? Even though it has nothing to do with the kids themselves, it'd still be funny.

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